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5 great looking startup website ideas

statrtup website idea

First impression is always the last impression .it is a renowned proverb which best suits for the startup website as well. Startup website  is very important as it is the face of your business and it is reflection of yourself as business.

In this fast world there are millions of startup websites, some of them are recognized and running very successfully and some of them are at low pace. Many are faced with bad luck and failure and few will come across huge return of amount on their investments. Overall it can be considered as the stock market of the internet.

If you have decided to start your business and considering it right for you as you love being your own boss and you find you own projects meaningful to you and you are energetic enough. But there is a question as well, where to find these ideas. The concept of Startup website has been very attractive these days but idea is the key element which can turn your dream into reality.

People who have ambition, ideas and hard work are incredibly fit for startups. I have experienced with few startups and I really liked their environment but thing which really inspired me was that they put emphasis towards design both in product and web presence. Design is their first priority and it is placed at the base for the exponential growth.

Web  offers a lot of opportunities for startups with very low cost. One just have to find its strength and build a client roster and your online-based business has started.

Internet is viral in nature and it has become an excellent breeding ground for interesting startup website. Web is always helpful for the cool idea as web helps in communicating that idea. It takes few seconds for a startup website to make an impression as compared to an established brand and it is very important and critical to get that second count.

list of 5 startup website ideas



Exposure.co is for those people who are fan of photography and storytelling. Exposure is a photo plate form which has incredible photo stories from people all over the world. They have kept the design very simple and they have emphasized on the clarity of photographs.



Startup website always need website creation platforms. This website is beautiful and attractive. It is a very good tool for designers. Online presence is made easier through their responsive themes and integration of social media.



Kids are the most actives users of the internet and web. They also require great and exciting ideas. Kano is computer building kit which is designed to groom and teach kids for computer education. The designer has used animations for computers and its parts.



It is very important to capture the moments for many people in the world. Social networking is an essential for such people who are caring in nature and they are ready to share their experiences with the people they care about. Cirqle is IOS app and its website is bold but it gives very pleasant and welcoming factor and it is self-explanatory about the app how it works.

 Fan TV


People who are fond of live streaming and TV shows, video on demand there is a service for all. Fan TV is such a device that fills all these requirements in one. Their website is loaded with beautiful ideas and larger images.

After reading and analyzing about the above startup website ideas we have concluded that investing in design paysoff. Design is the basic and foremost thing that leads us to new product and companies. I hope this above post was quite helpful and exciting.

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