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What’s Plaguing the Efficiency of Your Call Center Services

What's Plaguing the Efficiency of Your Call Center Services

Are you finding your call center services falling behind in meeting critical metrics lately? For example, the global call wrap-up time metric is six minutes; do you find most of your calls taking longer than this? Usually, such problems don’t just surface overnight, they exist for months, if not years, getting sever with the passage of time, without you ever realizing until you find things moving ahead at a snail’s pace. So, let’s dig deep into the factors chocking up on your call center services‘ efficiency silently and what could be done to straighten things out.

  1. Manual Dialing

This might surprise you, but it could be one of the major reasons affecting the efficiency of your call center operations. How? Let’s assume you have 50 resources dedicated for outbound calling and your average agent takes one minute between two calls because of the time consumed in finding a new contact and dialing it manually. Apparently, nothing much seems wrong about it, but this is costing you 50 minutes after every 6 minutes (considering the average call wrap-up time). Now this is what can be disastrous for productivity of your agents. You can optimize your operations by integrating a predictive dialer, which is designed to place next outbound call on behalf of agents as soon as the previous one drops, saving them much of time and energy.                

  1. More of Talking, Less of Action

Sure, internal meetings and interactive sessions are a must for running operations of a call center smoothly, but things can turn ugly when you end up with more of talking and less of action. I mean there’s no point wasting more time in figuring out how to resolve an issue than actually fixing it, right? So, make sure you keep track of all your meetings, not letting them exceed a designated time. Moreover, be mindful of which team members to call up in a particular discussion. Regularly engaging the whole floor for unnecessary announcements, which could also be communicated via email, can also disrupt workflow causing more harm than good.

  1. Getting Diverted by Trivial Tasks

Traditionally, emails have served contemporary corporate world wonderfully, but not so much when most of your agents are caught up in writing emails for issues that might be resolved speedily through an alternative channel. It’s better setting up a designated time slot for email queries. This helps prevent agents getting sidetracked by trivial tasks while their primary work remains untended.

  1. Not Setting Team Goals

 Are there clearly defined goals and objectives for your agents in place? If not, you might find many of your agents wasting time figuring out the true purpose of their job, feeling lost, disorientated and disconnected. Whether you have a small call center to manage or a big one, establish benchmarks, so that your human resource pool stays focused on your vision and plan. In large call centers, same can be applied on teams, delegating a specific task and responsibility for every team. Moreover, incentivizing agents and teams on achieving benchmarks also keeps up the overall spirit and zeal.


As they say, prevention is better than cure, make sure to timely identify and resolve issues like these, so that you don’t find your call center operations on a downhill slope. Want to know something more? Just share your thoughts and concerns with us in the comment section below and our experts will surely get back to you with a wonderful solution.

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