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IT outsourcing trends to scrutinize in 2016

IT outsourcing trends

Information technology is touching the seventh sky of success and prosperity. Currently, IT companies are shifting from the old traditional practices to strategic IT set-up. IT leaders are more concerned towards fixing issues and trying to create a balanced structure to grab excessive growth.  IT experts and analyst have an opinion that IT outsourcing is becoming must for most of the firms. People are heading towards help desk of IT services providers to cut down their production cost. Professionals are considering it as a cost effective tool as it provides quality work within limited price.

Experts have explained some of the IT outsourcing trends to scrutinize in 2016…

No compromise on Security:

In 2016 security is of primary concerns for all professionals. Efforts will be made towards eliminating security loop holes to avoid threats. Professional and consumer products will be optimized to keep them save from the wicked players working on destroying through the weaknesses within these innovative apps and software.

Rahul Singh, managing director at IT outsourcing consultancy Pace Harmon Says,

“The threat profile changes every day and with every added protection comes a new vulnerability, not to mention it is becoming harder and harder to tie products together to deliver a robust security solution”

Grab the cost effective solutions:

Many experts have predicted that the trend of in-house will be declined and companies will be more towards outsourcing IT services. In the form of cloud servers they will get IT outsourcing services to secure data management by relaying on third party. This will help in cost reduction.

Randy Vetter, senior director with outsourcing consultancy Alsbridge says,

“The objective of this approach will be to reduce costs by taking away the provider’s margin, as well as increase flexibility by removing contractual constraints.”

This means outsourcing will be considered as a smart approach for becoming more productive.

Extended list of Service Providers:

Trends are predicting an extended list of IT outsourcing companies in near future.

Dan Masur, partner in Mayer Brown’s Washington, D.C. office says,

“Customers will buy from an expanding list of technology providers”

The increasing needs of IT outsourcing will compel professionals to start agencies within this domain. All will try to be more competent to face the competition. This will also bring an outstanding change within service quality. When there is high competition people start refining their quality to attract more clients.

Change in IT infrastructure:

People will be more influenced by automated tasks instead of working manually.

Craig Nelson, managing director with Alsbridge says and I quote,

“Clients will rethink their sourcing strategies and how to build their RPA capabilities and providers will continue to build automation into their solutions”

If on one hand this will be efficient solution on the other hand this can be very challenging as well for both the parties.

So, these were the latest trends of IT outsourcing in the year 2016. Most of them have even come into practice, which can be witnessed.

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