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Problems and Solutions of Ecommerce Website: Tips for Businesses

ecommerce website tips

Ecommerce website is advancing at a very high speed. With every passing day there are many online ecommerce websites who are entering day by day. This is increasing the competition. Ecommerce website does not guarantee a sale to customers rather in this field you have to make sure that you have to win the customers. There are few problems at the business side. Ecommerce companies ignore few things and they neglect few issues which lose the customers. Web development in ecommerce faces many issues from layout to product delivery. Here is the list of those issues and their solutions.

Problems of Ecommerce website:

Tons of pop ups:

There are banner ads and pop ups in the websites which will ruin the customers mood. It is very annoying and frustrating to get bombarded with loads of ads. This kind of actions lets the customers to switch to other sites.

Personal touch:

When we used to go to stores in our child hood the store owners used to remember us. This gave us affection and personal touch to our mood. But in online shopping there is no concept of personal touch and affection or any emotion.

Difficult layout:

The most common problem in ecommerce website is the difficult layout of a webpage. The layout of any website makes the customer difficult in searching for products. They sometimes find issues, what to search and where to search. Web development deals with many interactive tools that makes easy and user friendly websites.

Duties and tariffs:

Ecommerce website do not have logistic support. They do not have proper system for products delivery to customers. Custom duties and tariffs are few such issues. There are shipping issues as well. There are areas where there are no courier services which also loose the customers.

Solutions of Ecommerce website:

Personal touch:

In order to give the personal touch and affection for your customer’s online. You have to be very careful for grabbing the attention of customers. Read and strategize the customer behavior. Learn to reward the customers.

Customer segments:

You should be careful enough for handling your customers. There should be category for different type of customers and visitors. Those visitors who are coming for first time and those who are active users. There are tools for right customer and right target.

Easy layout:

Sometime you make you website so difficult and tricky that customers get lost in it. Ecommerce website have different layout. Try to make and follow that layout. Improper layout always leads towards loss of customers.


You should consider few things for your product delivery. It is always good to deliver in bulk. Products must be registered and there should be some reduction in shipping cost.


Make sure that all the products are relevant. You have to ensure that all the products are received from original and certified vendors.

Ecommerce has a lot of barriers and issues. But these issues can be addressed and make positive growth out of it. There are many top ecommerce website which are earning a lot. They have strategized their business and addressed those issues. There are numerous ecommerce websites like amazon, EBay, etsy which deals in online business. It is very easy to setup an online shop sale your products in the whole world.

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