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5 Must have Startup Tips by successfull entrepreneurs

5 Must have Startup Tips by successfull entrepreneurs

Any Startup come into existence with small ideas generated on the dinner table or over a cup of coffee. People become entrepreneurs within days if an interesting idea pops up in their mind. But, many startups fail or face some difficulties due to which entrepreneurs lose their hearts. Reason could be some silly mistakes or lack of experience and research.

To ease you out, we have done a study and concluded some tips which can guarantee the success of your startup. These tips are provided by successful entrepreneurs.

Business Plan:

Before jumping into making an investment decision right away, you must take a pause. Make a detailed business plan of your startup idea and draft a path line to success. Define some realistic goals and design a strategy to achieve that goal. Outline some KPIs through which you can measure your success on regular basis. Do the statistical analysis for financial projections. You must be well aware of your breakeven point, profit margin and annual return on investment.

Single Purpose Start:

Instead of making a kick start with multiple product lines and service ranges, you must focus your business efforts on single purpose. As startups are low on budget and include some constraints like HR and Time so multiple purposes will result in distractions. You won’t be able to measure the results of multiple purposes due to lack of time and personnel. Start with a single purpose and expand your business once you get sufficient experience and ROI.

Avoid Cheap Clients:

As you yourself are a startup which is concerned to its budget constraints, so avoid signing off projects with cheap clients. These clients are very much keen in getting maximum service from you by paying a lowest possible amount. It will be tough for you to compensate them in lower budget which is below then your breakeven. If you find any client who is happy to pay a handsome amount, go for it.

Hire Experienced Professionals:

As you are in a very early stage, you cannot compromise on quality if you want to meet the benchmarks. Experience always results in higher quality outputs. Hire the professionals who are having strong grip over the area of expertise. They can provide you results in minimum time and lesser effort. You can take benefit of their lessons learned.

Co-Workers and Co-investors:

Be careful while choosing your co-workers and co-investors. Many startup fails because of the misunderstanding between the business partners. Both of the parties overlook the importance of proper documentation and contract paper due to which they face problems in profit sharing. Most of the times, one partner cheats on the other by taking major share in profit.

After reading these startup tips which are outlined by the successful entrepreneurs, I hope you will be in a better position to take decisions. No matter which industry you are going to work in, these tips apply everywhere. You just need to follow these tips one by one and success will be on your door step.

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