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Website design trends dominating in 2017

Website design trends dominating in 2017

Website designing sense and styling techniques are evolving with time. Technology is one of those few industries where trends and common practices shift to 360 degrees within no time. It’s hard to fascinate one using same website design over and over. Moreover, after a while, things get boring. People love to watch something which is different than others, which is eye catching and psychologically influential. Let me take you where world is moving. Here are provided few website design trends dominating in 2017. Have a look!

Tools, Tools and Tools:

Website designs are now focused towards visitor engagement and customer facilitation. To engage the website visitor, designers and developers are now introducing bundle of tools in their websites. For each type of website, there could be different tools incorporated. For example:

  1. Designing website – Infographic design, image editing
  2. Finance website – currency converters
  3. Writing websites – plagiarism checker, grammar checker

So, if you want your traffic to stay for a longer time and get involved, introduce some relevant tools.

Serif Typefaces:

Serif typefaces are getting attention these days. As they are fun, people love to play while going through any piece of information. You can incorporate a Serif typeface in paragraphs, signatures or headlines. They instantly grab attention if used in headings. For those who are unaware of Serif typefaces, these 2 websites are good examples; duhaihang.com or jennyjohannesson.com.

Large typography:

Large typographies with contrasting colors looks cool when used frequently. It draws a clear line in between headings and paragraphs. Lettering has emerged as another good use of typography. To push the information slowly and steadily, you can enable lettering in your website design. The best example of lettering is http://www.jennyjohannesson.com/ or http://corentinfardeau.fr/.

Embrace a new color family:

In 2016, people were more oriented to use bright colors in website design to make it look eye striking. While, in 2017, they have started embracing the darker side. Dimmer and subtle colors are dominating now. You will find hues of grey, black and white in majority of the area. Be it text, textures or patterns; you will notice this transformation everywhere. These tones create a slightly gloomy feel and get bizarre if overused.

Decorative details:

Since 2014, designers were opting for a minimalist approach in their website designs. Visitors were also appreciating that and getting influenced. But, now things have got a little twisted. Decorative details are adding life to the websites. In 2017, you will find a perkiness in websites by visualizing some rickety icons and flying geometrical figures. Often you will encounter some harsh rectangles, hovers, buttons in the middle of a web page having a text box or canvas inside.

As 2017 has just begun, we have noticed these few website design trends dominating the internet. If you are facing a downfall in your conversion rate, you must revamp your website. Give your website a second thought and try something new. It will definitely add a spark to your website and you will see an evident change in the results.

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