6 Ways to Leverage Your Contact Center to Close More Deals

Contact Center

Leverage Your Contact Center to Close More Deals : Today’s buyers are more informed and involved than ever before. They conduct detailed research, read online reviews, and use their social networks to share their experiences with brands long before making a purchase. In an environment like this, it’s critical for sales teams to provide a frictionless buying experience that leaves their prospects eager to buy from them again. But how can sales reps do that when they’re not face-to-face with buyers? Many modern sales reps leverage the power of the contact center – or virtual call center – as an essential part of their sell process.

What is a Contact Center?

A contact center is an organization’s centralized call center, often monitored by a team of customer service representatives. Contact centers service a wide range of companies, from insurance providers and eCommerce retailers to software companies and healthcare providers. And while they’ve traditionally been used to service phone calls, they’re increasingly leveraged to manage live chat and email inquiries. The contact center allows sales reps to manage their leads remotely. By connecting with prospects through live chat, email, and phone, reps can schedule follow-up meetings and book new business with unqualified prospects. Contact centers make it possible for sales reps to scale their businesses with a smaller team of highly skilled agents. This type of virtual call center can also help companies reduce overhead costs and increase productivity by enabling reps to work across multiple time zones.

Contact Center: Build trust and rapport before the meeting

With an ever-growing number of sales happening online, the best way to build rapport and trust with your prospect is to start the conversation as soon as they click on your website. With live chat, you can start building that first impression by answering any questions your prospect may have about your product or service. This is especially helpful for sites that sell products that require a service contract, like appliances or home security systems. Live chat can also allow you to qualify your prospect as a lead. By asking for specific details about their needs, you can quickly determine if the prospect is a good fit for your offering. This is especially important for industries like financial services, where a prospect’s business model will affect the type of product they need.

Contact Center :Use dynamic outbound messaging to learn more

Outbound messaging is a quick and easy way to let your prospects know that you’re available and eager to help them. This type of messaging is especially helpful to let new leads know that you’re available to book a meeting. Outbound messaging also gives you the chance to learn more about your prospect’s needs and interests. By including a quick survey, you can gather details like preferred communication channels and times. This information can help you craft a more personalized follow-up message that makes your prospect more eager to talk to you.

Use video to show off your product or service

Visual selling is here to stay. And that’s why more and more B2B companies are turning to video content to showcase their products and services. If your industry allows it, consider creating a video that showcases your product or process. This type of video can be posted on your website, shared on social media, and embedded in email campaigns to help your prospect understand what you do and why it’s a good fit for them.


Sales reps who leverage the power of the contact center can improve their close rates and win more business than ever before. By leveraging live chat, outbound messaging, and video, reps can build trust and rapport before the meeting, as well as learn more about their prospect’s needs.


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