Ovex Case Studies

PAKTEL Case Study

Assignment Description:

Paktel was one of the pioneers of the Telecommunications’ Industry in Pakistan. Inbound Call volumes were in excess of 30,000 calls per day managed from different Paktel facilities. The operations specifically related to inbound customer care and ticket resolution.

Objectives of Outsourcing:

To reduce Human Capital Management cost for Paktel and significantly increase operational efficiency of the contact center function.


In one of the first outsourcing by a Telecom company in Pakistan, Ovex Tech took over management of 24/7 contact center operations for Paktel.

All contact center agents, a little over 270 agents, were transferred to Ovex Tech’s payroll and Ovex provided its own experienced contact center management team (i.e. Quality Control & Training Executives, Team Leads, Supervisors, and Managers) along with its own support teams (i.e. Administration, Human Capital Management, and IT) to manage the operations from facilities in Lahore and Karachi.

Value Added:

Ovex helped reduce Human Capital Management cost by putting all of the contact center employees on Ovex Tech’s payroll. A period was decided to evaluate the performance of these agents and extensive training were provided to increase the efficiency of the agents, which resulted in helping cutting down agents’ number by 18% within first five months and further 7% reduction, within next 3 months. With improved efficiency and lower HR costs, Ovex helped Paktel management meet the project objectives, during one and half year tenure of the contract.

Technologies Used:

  • ZRG’s Complete Contact Center Application Suite
  • Paktel’s CRM