Top 5 call centers in Pakistan

Top 5 call centers : Is your organization finding it difficult to handle all consumer inquiries? Let us guess, it would be affecting your business as well right? Due to insufficient in-house resources, don’t let this affect your customer satisfaction. You can always outsource your customer service to BPOs/call centers so that they can take good care of your clients.

Before outsourcing your customer service, it is extremely important to make that the agency you select is professional and dependent enough to take care of your clients. For this case, we have evaluated few of the leading call center agencies in Pakistan as an option for your business. Make sure you read the complete blog to learn and find out more.

1) Ovex Technologies Pakistan

The Ovex Tech Contact Center Solutions was established in year 2003. The team is equipped with latest technology and has become business partners for some of the customers. At Ovex Tech, we believe in delivering the best and this has been duly recognized by our prestigious clientele as well as various business monitoring autonomous bodies.

Ovex Tech offers great inbound customer call experience. Our team of experts provides services to your customer through various mediums, including Complaint Handling, Phone Call, Live Chat, SMS and Emails.

Every interaction with your customer is customized as a unique experience, based on your business needs and defined service levels. We make outbound calls to help you build up Sales Pipeline, conduct customer surveys, set- up appointments, support customer life cycle management.

Ovex Tech offers customized teams and skills based on your specific requirements.

2) HiredSupport

HiredSupport has been around since 2010 in the outsourcing industry. They have worked with companies from around the world in various types of businesses including major SaaS companies to brick and mortar. Whether your business is digital or business is done in person, they can help cut down costs and improve your customer support channels.

Their goal is to be the leading support as a service provider for companies big and small. They pride themselves a lot in the service quality we provide. Thanks to their strong team of experts, businesses around the world have 24/7 coverage on their vital day to day operations.

3) Scalemill

Scalemill is a B2B SaaS sales and lead generation company that helps their partners by giving them a complete inside sales experience from outbound prospecting to appointment-setting and client acquisition.

Their work is focused on collaborating with SaaS brands and helping them connect with potential customers to reach their sales targets. Their team of professionals is equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively generate leads. Whether it be inside sales, customer support, or success solutions, they have all bases covered. With a flair for innovation and a habit of going beyond the norm, they pride themselves on having a portfolio of successful projects and partnerships.

4) Premier BPO

Premier BPO creates a synergy between personalized solutions, technology, and customer needs for exemplar Customer Service. Established in 2003, they strive to deliver end-to-end Business Process Outsourcing services to generate higher profits, reduce overall costs, and enhance Customer Satisfaction and loyalty.

Headquartered in Clarksville, Tennessee, their workforce consists of multi-location establishments. Collaborating with notable names among the Fortune 500, their cadre of BPO veterans possess a collective experience of over a hundred years.

5) Medics Billing Inc.

Medics Billing Inc is a full spectrum medical billing and business outsource processing company serving the medical and healthcare sector. They have over 15 years of expertise in medical billing.

They equip their teams with the latest technology and technical know-how to ensure that they perform to the highest standards. Regardless of the size of your organization, their services can integrate into your operations seamlessly.

To summarize, we hope that the above information was useful in narrowing down your options to the best in class BPO/ call center service providers in Pakistan.

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