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Accounting Outsourcing


Accounting Outsourcing – Customized Solution

As a leading BPO firm, Ovex Tech offers customized accounting solutions to cater to your business needs regardless of your business capacity. Client’s privacy and security of data is our primary concern. At Ovex Tech, we practice privacy, confidentiality and professional ethics in everything we do

  • Let Ovex Tech take care of your accounting needs so that you can focus on your customers
  • We offer customized solutions based on your business needs, no matter how small or large your scale of operations is
  • Take your management to the next level through customized management tools like budgeting and cash flow management, variance reporting
  • Get organised and effective through meaningful management reports and tools for better decision making

So, what you are waiting for? For every type of accounting assistance and outsourcing needs, come to OvexTech. Click on the button below to get consultation from our professionals. Our team of intellectual Accounting professionals will guide you that how you can cut cost and increase efficiency by Accounting outsourcing.

Contact Center


The team behind Ovex Tech Contact center solutions is equipped with latest technology and has made themselves a benchmark for the industry. At Ovex Tech, we believe in delivering the best and this has been duly recognized by our prestigious clientele as well as various business monitoring autonomous bodies.

What we Offer in our Contact Center?

  • We offer great inbound customer call experience.
  • We engage your customer through various mediums, including phone call, live chat, SMS, Emails.
  • Every interaction with your customer is customized as a unique experience, based on your business needs and defined service levels.
  • We make outbound calls to help you build up Sales Pipeline, do customer surveys, set- up appointments, support customer life cycle management

Best part in outsourcing contact center from OvexTech is that we have a number of different teams which possess different accents like US, British and Pakistani. You can hire any team depending upon your needs. On your special request and dedicated needs, we can also hire a completely new teams which can cop up with your diverse needs and expectations of outsourcing.

HR Outsourcing


The benefits of outsourcing include the advantages of reduced costs and increased efficiency, as well as the ability to predict business results and support strategic planning. While outsourcing dates back to over a decade, HR outsourcing is catching up fairly rapidly. Organizations have now realized the true potential and benefits of HR outsourcing.

What we provide in HR Outsourcing?

  • Recruitment Department:
  • Screening of Qualified Pool
  • Recruitment Analysis & Forecasting
  • Induction Testing
  • Reference Checks
  • Payroll Management and Disbursement:
  • Payroll calculation
  • Bonuses and deductions
  • Bank accounts management
  • Salary disbursement
  • Payroll record management
  • Issuance of payroll slips.
  • Compensation Benefits:
  • Employee benefits plans
  • Employee compensation plans
  • Record keeping of entitled employees
  • Performance appraisals
  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Training & Development:
  • Conduct Employee Trainings
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Implementation of HR Performance Metrics via on-going training

With the use of our HR department services, you can achieve your goals with less effort. You will definitely feel a great change is your organizational structure and policies. Your retention rate will increase automatically because your employees will be honored with intense attention and value. When your employees are satisfied, their performance level automatically increases. With that increased level of performance, your organization grows within no time. Your profit margin enjoys a steep upward slope. You know what? Sky is the limit!

Follow the below given link to take a professional advice or take a quote from OvexTech. We have multiple packages available depending upon the size of the organization and number of working employees. Connect to us for a better future of your organization. we are here at your doorstep!

Software Solutions


Ovex Tech has been developing and providing robust and scalable software solutions to its’ clients for years. From corporate clients to startups and SMEs, Ovex Tech’s software development team is well equipped with all the latest tools, technologies and prowess to deliver on time, every time. Since our inception, the main goal has remained to serve our prestigious and highly esteemed clients with professional work and package every software solution with exceptional customer support. At Ovex Tech, we don’t really treat you as a customer; in fact, our ideology is to make you a business partner so both organizations contribute to each other’s success and growth.

What do we mean by Software Solutions?

At Ovex Tech, we provide the following Software Solutions:

  • Website Designing & Development
  • Web 2.0 Portals and Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Software Design and Development
  • Games Design and Development

Unlike others, we do not change our eyes once your product is delivered. We hold your hands and stay in touch with you until and unless you are satisfied with the product delivered. We provide you multiple prototypes of your software so that you can run its beta version in your organization and figure out run time loop holes. We do not back step in making revisions to your software. You must be thinking about the maintenance/technical support services after delivery. Don’t you worry! Our team of experts will stay in touch with you for bugs rectification, training and development. On your behalf, we can also deploy the software on your system if you request.

Interested in our software development services? Or do you need something else? Stay in touch with us by pressing the button below and filling out our simple “Contact Us” form. We are here to help you out. Come! Let’s develop your thoughts!

Data Management


Our Data Management solutions allow you to enhance data quality for effective mining, enable increased tracking and reporting capabilities and improve data integrity and oversight for your business.

Our Data Management Solutions include

  • Data Entry
  • Cleansing & Aggregation
  • Data Validation
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Acquisition
  • De-duplication
  • Duplication
  • Taxonomy
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Compliance Violation

Data Redundancy: Each system, application and department within an organization collects its own version of key business entities, thus leading to redundant and poor quality data.

Data Inconsistency: Enterprises spend enormous resources trying to reconcile master data, often with limited success. This process repeats itself as there is no mechanism for capturing and assimilating the data gathered from the first or successive reconciliations.

Business Inefficiency: Redundant and inconsistent master data leads to inefficient supply chain management, inconsistent customer support, customer dissatisfaction and wasted marketing efforts.

Supporting Business Change: Organizations are constantly changing, ensuring a constant stream of changes to master data. With no way of managing these changes, data is prey to redundancy, inconsistency and ineffectiveness. The team of OvexTech is master in managing its client’s databases. From data entry to data analysis and reporting, we provide the ultimate workforce. Our team is skilled in data management and can perform your tasks within no time. You can save your time and your resources to develop a better focus on your core competencies. On your behalf, OvexTech can manage your data in the best possible way ever.

What next? We provide free consultation and presentation on data management solutions. If you are interested, click on the below link and fill out the contact form. our professional will call you shortly. Don’t worry about the security concerns. Your data is safe in our hands. We are responsible for the integrity of your data.

IT Outsourcing


Our IT Outsourcing Services enable businesses to manage their technology needs in an entirely hassle free manner. While it can be quite expensive to maintain a regular IT department, you can reduce costs upto 40% or more by acquiring our IT Outsourcing Services, which will scalable as your business needs grow.

IT Outsourcing – To Make your Infrastructure more Effective

Our 24/7 Helpdesk (based on the Service Desk Model) allows you to have a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for your customers/employees. Our Remote Desktop Management allows you to maintain and protect your IT infrastructure and deliver timely assistance to your end users and servers. Furthermore, we offer IT based advice and consultancy services that can help your business to deploy the most cost effective IT infrastructure.

  • Let experts take care of your technology needs, while you manage critical aspects of your businessLet experts take care of your technology needs, while you manage critical aspects of your business
  • Streamline your processes through Helpdesk Support Model, which offers Level 1 and Level 2 support
  • Cut down your IT Support costs through outsourcing model and you just manage your Key Performance Indicators
  • Make your business IT backbone strong to compete in today’s 24/7 connected world.

We, the team of OvexTech, we are specialized in acquiring and maintaining IT services. People are fearful towards their IT outsourcing because they do not want to take a risk of losing their data. We assure you that with our services, the integrity of your data will be high and IT infrastructure of your organization will be more stable. Do not hesitate to try out once, we bet you won’t get dishearten. It is the easiest way to make your organization stable and cost effective.

If you want to consult any IT professional for free advice, follow us via the button given below. Fill out the form provided and our expert will contact you shortly.



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