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HR Outsourcing

The benefits of outsourcing include the advantages of reduced costs and increased efficiency, as well as the ability to predict business results and support strategic planning. While outsourcing dates back to over a decade, HR outsourcing is catching up fairly rapidly. Organizations have now realized the true potential and benefits of HR outsourcing.

HR Outsourcing

What we provide in HR Outsourcing?

We provide number of HR outsourcing solutions for various functional areas of HR department. Everyone knows that HR department is composed of a couple of sub departments like recruitment, HRM and HR Development.
Our HR Outsourcing Solutions include the following functions:

  • Recruitment Department:
    • Screening of Qualified Pool
    • Recruitment Analysis & Forecasting
    • Induction Testing
    • Reference Checks
  • Payroll Management and Disbursement:
    • Payroll calculation
    • Bonuses and deductions
    • Bank accounts management
    • Salary disbursement
    • Payroll record management
    • Issuance of payroll slips.
  • Compensation Benefits:
    • Employee benefits plans
    • Employee compensation plans
    • Record keeping of entitled employees
    • Performance appraisals
    • Employee performance evaluation
  • Training & Development:
    • Conduct Employee Trainings
    • Training Needs Analysis
    • Implementation of HR Performance Metrics via on-going training

With the use of our HR department services, you can achieve your goals with less effort. You will definitely feel a great change is your organizational structure and policies. Your retention rate will increase automatically because your employees will be honored with intense attention and value. When your employees are satisfied, their performance level automatically increases. With that increased level of performance, your organization grows within no time. Your profit margin enjoys a steep upward slope. You know what? Sky is the limit!

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