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At Ovex Tech, we expertly manage incoming calls from customers seeking assistance with our products or services. Our dedicated team is trained to provide prompt and efficient solutions, ensuring customer queries are resolved to their satisfaction. We understand the importance of each customer interaction and strive to make every call a positive experience, thereby enhancing customer loyalty and trust in our services.


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Inbound Call
At Ovex Tech, we understand that every call is an opportunity to build a relationship with your customer and enhance their experience with your brand. Our Inbound Call Services are designed to provide your customers with immediate and professional assistance, ensuring their queries and concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.
Our team is trained to handle a wide range of customer queries, from simple questions about products or services to more complex issues. We strive to resolve queries during the first call, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust in your brand.
Customer Query Resolution
Product Information & Support
We provide detailed information about your products or services to assist customers in making informed decisions. Whether it’s explaining the features of a product or guiding a customer through a service, we ensure your customers have all the information they need.
We understand that handling complaints effectively is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction. Our team is trained to handle complaints professionally, ensuring customers feel heard and their issues are resolved.
Complaint Handling
Backend Support
Our Inbound Call Services also include backend support, where we manage tasks such as order processing, appointment scheduling, and data entry. This ensures a seamless experience for your customers and efficient operations for your business.
For businesses offering technical products or services, we provide inbound technical support. Our team can assist with troubleshooting, software assistance, and hardware support, ensuring your customers get the help they need when they need it.
Technical Support
Emergency Response & Support
For businesses that require it, we offer emergency response services. Our team is trained to handle emergency situations, providing immediate assistance and support to your customers.
Experience the Ovex Tech Advantage

At Ovex Tech, we don’t just offer services, we provide solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Here’s how we empower your business:

We offer customized teams to meet the unique needs of every business, covering technical expertise and customer service skills.
Customized Teams and Skills
Scalability and Flexibility
Our services are scalable and adaptable to your business needs, with a quick response time for customer calls.
Ovex Tech offers high-quality, competitively priced services with efficient processes for a market edge and faster time to market..
Cost-Competitive Advantage
Ready-Made Framework
We offer access to a ready-made framework. This means you can hit the ground running and maintain better control over your processes.
Ovex Tech provides an on-demand workforce for resource needs, offering control over burn rate.
On-Demand Workforce

Choose Ovex Tech and experience the difference that a dedicated, customized, and cost-effective solution can make to your business.

Why Choose Ovex Tech?

In the rapidly evolving world of technology and customer service, Ovex Tech stands out as a leader.

Industries We Actively Contribute To

At Ovex Tech, we provide services across a wide range of industries. Here are some of the key sectors we serve:

How Ovex TECH Secures Your DATA

At Ovex Tech, data security is of utmost importance. Here’s how we ensure the security of your data:

Case Studies
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Paktel was one of the pioneers of the Telecommunications’ Industry in Pakistan. Inbound Call volumes were in excess of 30,000 calls per day managed from different Paktel facilities. The operations specifically related to inbound customer care and ticket resolution.

Public Utility Support Center

A public utility company of Pakistan managed its helpline in house, through agents answering call in each of the zones, for the whole of north of Pakistan. There was no visibility of complaints, its resolution, especially critical complaints, which were leading to loss of life and property.